Chelsea Fagan

11 Reasons Americans Are Obese - It's Not About Personal Choice

Everyone has allowed themselves to make an offhand comment about obesity, whether as a societal problem or on an individual level. It’s almost a reflex, and the idea that weight is entirely based on personal lifestyle choices (and maybe genetics) is deeply ingrained in our culture. But America, despite its growing problem with obesity and its related illnesses, is not simply a country of lazy people who only want to eat hamburgers. There are a huge amount of factors at play here, many of which seem to decide our fate before we even pick up the fork.

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17 Restaurant Dishes With A Shockingly High Calorie Count (Even For America)

The following story first appeared on Thought Catalog. 
In America, very little should be shocking when it comes to food. We are the country that seems to be in an open arms race to create the singular food item that will push us most efficiently into ill health. We have the Double Down, the Krispy Kreme burger, the “Heart Attack Grill,” whose morbidly obese spokesperson died of heart problems at age 29. But even in this climate of unhinged gluttony, there are still a few restaurants that manage to shock and distress with just how little they seem to care about their patrons’ health.

1. The Cheesecake Factory’s Avocado Egg Rolls, 963 Calories

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