Charlie Amter

Trump’s ‘army of enablers’ destroyed by ex-Bush official for ‘kissing up’ to president at Cohen hearing

Former GW Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson trashed the current crop of Republicans in the House of Representatives Thursday over their performance during Wednesday’s Michael Cohen hearing before the House Oversight Committee.

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Robert Reich schools ousted GOP lawmaker after she freaks out over ‘socialist Democrats’

Robert Reich torched ex-GOP lawmaker Mia Love (R-UT) on CNN Tuesday, causing the former Utah Representative to freak out about 'socialist Democrats' on air.

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Trump raged at White House staff over wall funding before announcing emergency: WSJ

On Friday, The Wall Street Journalposted a behind-the-scenes deep dive into President Trump’s signature issue, a wall along the United States’ southern border. In the story, written by Michael Bender, Trump emerges as an angry and unprepared figure, often yelling at staffers who failed, in the President’s estimation.

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Jared Kushner whistleblower seeking federal protection after sounding the alarm on Trump’s son-in-law: report

NBC News is reporting White House security specialist Tricia Newbold is now seeking official whistleblower protection from the federal government after raising concerns about “unwarranted security clearances” for Jared Kushner.

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