Carter Dillard

Humanity’s survival on Earth starts with having smaller families

Carter Dillard is the founder of He served as an Honors Program attorney at the United States Department of Justice, and served with a national security law agency before developing a comprehensive account of reforming family planning for the Yale Human Rights and Development Journal. He has begun to implement the transition to child-centric “Fair Start” family planning, both as a member of the Steering Committee of the Population Ethics and Policy Research Project, and as a visiting scholar of the Uehiro Center, both at the University of Oxford.

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Ivanka Trump Is Peddling a Dangerous Cash-for-Babies Scheme

With all the regressive moves the Republican tax proposal now includes, one in particular—which seems beneficial and has enjoyed much bipartisan support—is going largely unnoticed. It's now known as Ivanka Trump's pet project, a big increase in the child tax credit that also expands those benefits to the wealthiest Americans. And yet it might be the proposal that, in the long run, has the greatest impact and political import. Here's why.  

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Are the Grandkids Worth It? Climate Policy Depends on How We Value Human Population

Climate change has the potential to cause massive and lasting suffering on a scale that dwarfs the threats posed by many of the more palpable and familiar crises that monopolize our headlines and thinking today. But as a recent study reminds us, that suffering also depends on another key factor beyond the degree of climatic change: Human population, or the number of people living on the planet as the climate changes.

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5 Ways Thoughtful Family Planning Can Protect Children, Wildlife, Our Democracy - and the Future

Editor's note: This is third in a series of AlterNet articles on population growth. The first explored the trend toward smaller families. The second examined a new family planning model that can capitalize on that trend. The following piece explores ways to implement that change.

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We've Prioritized Humans Having Umpteen Kids Over the Right of Entire Species to Survive - and It's Got to Stop

Read a lot of news about family planning and population and you might notice something: We all seem to recognize that our future depends on getting family planning right, but there is no agreement on what that actually means.

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Low Fertility Rates Isn't a Crisis as Some Argue - It's a Solution to a Safer, More Sustainable World

Last week, news outlets around the country reported on an emerging crisis: low fertility rates. Commentators argue that women having fewer children will harm the economy. That comes as a surprise to Sarah Evans, a mother of one. “Sitting in Los Angeles traffic all day in heat waves, hearing about climate change, watching parents struggle and seeing more families become homeless, it just doesn’t feel like people having too few children is the problem,” she says.

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