Carrie Weisman

What Are 'Tingly Head Orgasms' and How Do You Get One?

Certain things make us feel good, and most of the time, they’re pretty black and white. Massages make us feel relaxed. Lying down makes us feel rested. Being held makes us feel secure. But some people experience a real, physical and pleasurable sensation through sound alone. These people make up the relatively small population affected by a condition known as autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR.

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A Month of Seclusion from Your Baby Immediately After Childbirth? Inside a Fascinating Chinese Tradition

Giving birth has got to be one of the more demanding things a woman's body can go through. Granted, women are designed for the process, but they're also designed to menstruate, which isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience either. So it makes sense that many new moms fantasize about jumping into bed, neglecting all new responsibilities and staying there forever. Or maybe even just a month.

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Shocking Numbers of Children Die in America When Their Parents Turn to Faith-Based Healing

Back in 1944, the Supreme Court ruled that parental authority cannot interfere with a child’s welfare, even in cases of religious expression. “The right to practice religion freely,” the court concluded, “does not include liberty to expose… [a] child… to ill health or death.”

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