Carol Anderson

America Is Hooked on the Drug of White Supremacy - We're Paying for That Today

The United States is in a tailspin. White supremacists are on the march – and have left a trail of blood and destruction in their wake. A march in Charlottesville, Virginia, filled with torches, Nazi flags and chants of “White Lives Matter” culminated in violence that claimed at least one life, and left many more injured. 

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Don't Call It the Trump Administration - This Is a Regime

rump tweeted another string of bullying, misogynistic, anti-press rants and signaled, once again, the stark differences between a presidential administration and a White House regime. In the wake of his caustic blasts at TV personalities Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and then his physical assault on a CNN logo, Republican congressional representatives begged him to start acting presidential. 

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White Rage: How the GOP Set Out to Unelect the U.S.'s First Black President

The following is an excerpt from the book White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson (2016). Published with permission of Bloomsbury USA. Copyright © Carol Anderson 2016.

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Trump Exposes the GOP's Dirty Secret: They Build Everything by Nurturing White Rage

Paul Ryan is angry with Donald Trump, not so much for failing to espouse conservative values, as for exposing America’s dirty little secret—white rage: that deep-seated determination to block black progress in this country. For years, conservative politicians have relied upon the cover of high-minded principles and slogans—“protecting the integrity of the ballot box,” or waging a “war on drugs” — in order to cloak their determination to restrict African Americans’ citizenship rights. The racism fueling Trump’s campaign and his followers, however, is so overt, that it is undoing decades of hard covert work by the GOP.

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