Carey Purcell

Trump's White Nationalism Torments Us Now, But the 'Centrality of Whiteness' Will Fade Away

Sheryll Cashin has hope for the future of America. Determined, persistent, enduring hope. And her hope is not only tenacious; it’s educated and informed. The author of “Loving: Interracial Intimacy in America and the Threat to White Supremacy” is continually optimistic about America’s future during a time when hope’s audacity seems to be a relic of the past. 

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Heartless: How One Abnormal Pap Smear Lost a Woman Access to Gynecological Care

“It just got scarier and scarier,” Anna Haas said, describing a recent visit to the doctor. But instead of a medical procedure, Haas was remembering her experience with her health insurance company.

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Why We Shouldn't Mock People Who Say They Have Gluten Sensitivity

"My body was completely breaking down, but I had no idea what was going on,” Beatriz Rodriguez said, describing the nine years that passed before she was diagnosed with celiac disease. The actor had suffered from digestive problems since childhood and had her gallbladder removed at age 12 but did not experience any relief after the surgery.

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How Being a Bridesmaid Is Driving Me to the Brink of Bankruptcy

My phone rings at 8 AM on a Saturday morning. I groggily look at the caller ID and see that it’s one of my good friends from high school. Still half asleep, I answer. I can tell just by the way she says my name how excited she is as she tells me the big news: She got engaged last night.

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'I Thought I Was Dying': A Common Synthetic Antibiotic Can Cause Permanent Side Effects

Bobby Grozier was on top of the world before he took the pills. A senior software adviser for a Fortune 500 company based in Manhattan, he earned a great salary and was happily married with a young daughter. That changed when he was prescribed a toxic combination of drugs to treat lingering symptoms of what his doctor thought was prostatitis. Ten years later, he suffers from permanent brain damage, is on disability and has lost more than $3 million in medical costs and income.

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Cancer at 23: How Health Insurance Failed Me

"I'm too young for this," I thought. It wasn't the first time that those words had crossed my mind in the past few months. I thought it when I was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer. I thought it when the company I was working for began facing financial problems and my paychecks were bouncing. I thought it when I learned I would be dependent on a prescription drug every day for the rest of my life. And I thought it again when I got the bill. In spite of having insurance, I had been billed in full for my surgery and two nights in the hospital. The total was $20,759.89. I was 23 years old.

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