Carbon Brief

Climate Change Could Affect Animal Sex Ratios - and That Might Lead to Species Extinctions

 From habitat loss to extreme weather events, the world’s wildlife faces a list of challenges as a result of climate change.

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Two Serious Threats Could Put Latin American Coffee Production Into Crisis Mode

Trouble could be brewing for the Latin American coffee industry, new research warns, as it faces losses in suitable farmland and declines in important bee species as a result of future climate change.

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Half the Global Population Could Face 'Unknown' Climates by Mid-Century

Billions of people across the world could see climates they’ve never experienced before by the middle of the century, a recent study says.

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A Pacific Ocean Shift Could See 1.5°C Limit Breached Within a Decade

Global average temperatures could pass 1.5C above pre-industrial levels within the next decade, new projections suggest.

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