Bronwyn Harris

Teachers Are Spending Thousands Of Their Own Money to Stock Classrooms with Basic Supplies

School may be out for summer, but I guarantee you there’s one thing teachers are already worried about as they plan for the coming school year: how they'll offset the inevitable out-of-pocket costs that come with running a classroom.

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Think Recess Doesn't Matter? Think Again

The asphalt yard was large and surrounded by a chain-link fence. A few weeds grew in the cracks. People mostly stood around the fence, looking out, or slumped on the steps. Except for the occasional fight that broke out, there was little activity. There were no trees, no grass, no sports courts, and devastatingly, no jungle gym

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The Painful Truth About School Segregation

Like many middle-class white people, I grew up with a very simple, sanitized version of the American civil rights movement. I knew that schools, buses and drinking fountains used to be segregated, and now they're not. I knew names like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, and though I was a little fuzzy on the details of how it all happened, I was confident that because of their work, the "bad days" were behind us. Racism, it seemed to me, was primarily a relic of the past; after all, I had never seen actual racism. Only later did I realize that perhaps that was because I was rarely in settings that were diverse at all.

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Our Addiction to Testing Is Ripping the Humanity out of Education

“We must begin every conversation by looking at student achievement—nothing matters more… all students need to take annual, statewide assessments that are aligned to their teacher’s classroom instruction in reading and math in grades three through eight and once in high school.” — Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, Jan. 12, 2015

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