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Nadler tears into Trump and Bill Barr for refusing to show up to House hearing: He will soon 'face a reckoning'

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) tore into President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr for his refusal to provide the committee with documents and testimony related to Mueller report, saying he was paving the way for a “dictatorship” — and adding Barr would soon “face a reckoning” if he didn’t cooperate.

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Joe Biden shuts down Fox News reporter's 'gotcha' question on Obama's lack of endorsement

Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden explained to a scrum of reporters waiting for him in Delaware why he had specifically asked President Barack Obama not to endorse his candidacy.

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Watch: CNN resurfaces 1998 interview to nail Bill Barr for being a hypocritical partisan hack

CNN’s Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow brutally mocked Attorney General Bill Barr for being a partisan hack after a newly unearthed interview shows him harshly criticizing then Attorney General Janet Reno for not defending Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr — a very different response than Barr had for special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Watch: Trump delivers 'surreal' address to lawn full of Easter egg-hunting children

Speaking to children and families from the balcony at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, President Donald Trump delivered a truly bizarre address, touting his own popularity with the nation’s egg producers and bragging about his handling of the economy at an event for people not yet old enough to recite the alphabet without assistance.

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Sarah Sanders goes on Fox News to lie again as she rants about April Ryan wanting to cut her head off

Exposed as a liar by the Mueller report, Sarah Sanders visited Fox News on Monday and continued to lie, this time about CNN reporter April Ryan, who Sanders falsely accused of making death threats. Ryan, clearly speaking metaphorically, said last week that the White House needed to “start lopping the heads off” after the Mueller report showed the depth of incompetence, chaos, and corruption under President Donald Trump’s administration.

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Watch: Barr storms out of press conference after reporter hammers him over generous interpretation of Mueller report

Attorney General Bill Barr got visibly agitated at his Thursday press conference, as CBS News’ Paula Reid hammered him over his interpretation of the Mueller report, which she characterized as “quite generous to the president.”

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Alan Dershowitz tried to 'bait' Epstein accuser into court — but she 'preempted him' by suing him first: Miami Herald reporter

Julie Brown, investigative reporter for the Miami Herald, told CNN on Wednesday that Alan Dershowitz, lawyer for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, had been trying to “bait” the woman accusing him of defamation into court for years — but she “preempted him” by suing first.

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‘It represents sociopathy’: This ‘damning clip’ of Trump made a former GOP congressman visibly disgusted

Former Florida Republican congressman David Jolly told MSNBC on Friday that President Donald Trump's proposal to release immigrants into so-called sanctuary cities was more than just "petty and cruel" -- it showed he was a true "sociopath."

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Watch: Dem congressman kicks off Barr hearing with expert tear down of AG's abysmal DOJ management

House Appropriations subcommittee chair José Serrano (D-NY) opened Tuesday’s congressional budget hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr by slamming the Department of Justice and calling into question the attorney general’s integrity.

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READ IT: AG Barr just sent sent Congress a new letter about the Mueller report

Attorney General Bill Barr has sent Congress a new letter detailing his plans to release the Mueller report.


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