Branko Marcetic

Electability of Biden is more 'conventional' -- and less 'wisdom'

As Democratic voters prepare to go to the polls, you’d be forgiven for having a feeling of déjà vu. Just as in 2016, Donald Trump is running as the Republican nominee. Just as in 2016, Bernie Sanders is mounting a surprisingly strong bid to win on the Democratic side. And, just as in 2016, much of the mainstream media and Democratic powers-that-be are putting their faith in a longtime establishment “moderate” as the more “electable” choice for the party. Four years on from Trump’s election, both everything and seemingly nothing has changed.

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From World Wrestling to the White House: Linda McMahon Has an Anti-Worker History

This month, President-elect Donald Trump continued his trend of appointing wealthy businessmen and women with little government experience to government posts by nominating former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) chief executive Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Clinton Campaign’s Calculated Decision to Oppose the TPP

How do political leaders decide to take a stance on an issue? Does it come down to principle, a matter of drawing a line that they refuse to cross? Or do they examine pages of data, research and evidence to determine what would best serve the country?

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How Corporate Money Crushed Progressive Ballot Initiatives Across the Country With $140 Million

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, reformers were frustrated at the many roadblocks they faced in solving the problems that beset American society. “At many times and in many localities, there have held public office in the States and in the Nation men who have, in fact, served not the whole people but some special class or special interest,” complained President Theodore Roosevelt. So it was that these Progressive reformers introduced the concept of ballot initiatives and referenda, tools that are today used in 24 states, giving the public a way around the corruption and greed that previously stymied reform efforts.

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Inside the CIA's Troubling Collaboration With Hollywood

“All art is propaganda … sometimes unconsciously, but often deliberately,” Upton Sinclair once wrote. While that’s undoubtedly true, some pieces of art are more deliberately propaganda than others, as documents recently obtained by Vice News’ Jason Leopold reveal.

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WikiLeaks Reveals EU Planned Military Action Against Libyan Refugees

With far-right sentiment on the rise across Europe, the once widespread sympathy for African and Middle Eastern migrants has evaporated, leaving them facing vitriol and violence from the citizens of the countries they hope to make their new homes. Now, a recent document release by WikiLeaks has put the spotlight on further bad news for refugees: the EU’s plans for military action against refugee boats coming from Libya, with the ultimate goal of entering Libyan waters and possibly even operating inside the country.

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