Bonnie Kristian

The Supreme Court Just Struck Another Blow Against Asset Forfeiture Abuse

The Supreme Court appears to be on a roll where asset forfeiture is concerned. SCOTUS isn’t making any sweeping overhauls, but the trend is clearly toward reform. Back in April, the court ruled 7-1 that Colorado can’t keep fines, court costs, and other money taken from defendants if their convictions are overturned. “Colorado may not presume…

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One Cop's 'Feelings' Are All It Takes to Get Charged for Drug Use in America

Suppose you’re driving home from work when a police officer pulls you over for swerving in the road. Maybe you’re sleepy, or perhaps you were trying to avoid hitting a squirrel. You stop the car, and the cop comes to your window. “Good evening, ma’am,” he says. “I’m concerned that you’re driving under the influence, and…

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