Bob Woodiwiss

Flagging Interest

Dear Neighbor,

The fact that you, along with everyone else on the street, are flying the American flag has not escaped my attention. I suspect that my failure to do the same might also have attracted yours. Please allow me to explain why my display of patriotism is so lacking:

1. I burned all my flags protesting something. Or things, I should say, though I don't remember what exactly. Probably I flambeed a few over nuclear proliferation; I was big on that for a while and I could really get into a froth on the subject. And I torched plenty of them at free speech demonstrations; those rallies always got my flag-burning juices flowing. NAFTA and the WTO claimed a few, too. Honestly, though, a lot my flags got ashed for less than noble reasons. I mean, burning them kind of became my "thing," my "signature." I lit 'em at my nephew's Little League games, at my high school reunion, even one time at the grand opening of a Super Cuts. Whatever, that big box of American flags I had in my basement is empty now.

2. I don't really need a flag in my yard since I recently stuck a teeny-tiny "window cling" decal of an American flag in the middle of my left contact lens. That way, I see a vague, translucent image of the Stars and Stripes out in front of me all day long. Also, if I poke myself hard in the eye with my finger, the red and blue and purple spots I see look like fireworks going off behind Old Glory on the 4th of July.

3. I'm trying to impress an Afghan woman who works in my office and who I'm thinking about asking on a date. Her name's Shelly and she's a second generation American and everything, and from what I've overheard her say to other people in the break room she deplores terrorism and supports this country's fight against it, but, geez, she's really, really cute and I don't want to do anything that could even remotely hurt my chances with her if I ever get the nerve to actually go out with her and, you know, bring her back to my place for coffee or a drink.

4. Stripes make my house look fat. I keep hoping the government will come out with a flag in a solid, muted earth tone or, if they absolutely have to have a print, a subtle houndstooth, you know, something that'll look good on your average Midwestern house, not just on some skinny, New York brownstones.

5. My flagpole, made of black walnut, manufactured in the 1920s and rated for 48 stars, is currently in the shop being restored, updated and modified to accommodate the modern American 50-star standard.

6. It's been almost three years since you all started calling me "the lazy ass who won't paint his house" and I'm sick and tired of it. May I suggest you now switch to "the son of a bitch without the flag?"

7. As someone of Swiss descent, I find myself confronting this time of great crisis with nothing more than a swelling sense of neutrality.

8. You always expect me to play along with your little yard themes and schemes, but you never go along with mine. Like, remember a few years ago? Somebody got a cement goose and dressed it up in different outfits and before you know it everybody's got a goose with outfits. It was practically mandatory. Then came the silhouettes. Of the dog barking up the tree, of the man leaning against the tree, etc., etc. And before this whole Old Glory kick, every house around here was all caught up in hanging holiday flags and special occasion flags and seasonal flags. But how about when I replaced my garage door with strings of glass beads? Or when I turned the front yard into a prairie dog village? Or the condom machine next to the mail box? Where were you trend sheep for those ideas? Nowhere. Well, I'm telling you, you provincial bastards, until somebody gets behind one of my ideas, screw you.

9. There are strict rules governing the hows and whens and wheres of displaying the United States flag, and if I were any good whatsoever at following strict rules, I wouldn't have a pair of cuticle scissors and three bottle caps lodged in my large intestine.

10. My habitual abuse of peyote renders me incapable of undertaking any job which would require my attention for any time period longer than 10 angstroms in the cruel helix of wolf geography. Repiffens?

Yours sinceremoniously,


Bob Woodiwiss writes humor and satire columns for the Cincinnati Citybeat.

Spooked in America

'Twas Halloween evening and all through the house,
The martinis were stirring (you see, I'm a souse).

The candy'd been purchased, the Kit Kats and Snickers,
I dumped them in bowls for the treaters and trickers.
Though I have to admit I was pissed when I saw
The bars were no bigger than a toy poodle's paw.

With Mate in her wolf's mask and I dressed as Kruger,
We lurked in the shadows, for to scare little boogers.
When out in the front yard there arose such a clatter,
I suddenly lost all control of my bladder.
I looked and I peeked and I peered and I spied,
For a threat was inferred. (Or do I mean "implied?")

The moon on the piles of the crisp, fallen leaves,
Told me soon I'd be raking, there'd be no reprieve.
When what in my night vision scope should appear,
But a terrorist cell, all in turbans and beards.
Then a spooky hobgoblin seemed to ooze from the group,
Yes, Osama bin Laden, the vile nincompoop.

He looked o'er his flunkies, then he started to call,
Some names of his grim and bloodthirsty cabal.
"On Ahmed! On Fazul! On Al-Zawahiri!
Abdullah, Mustafa, bin Ali El-Hoorie."
His minions un-safety'd their guns and advanced,
And solid joined liquid down below in my pants.

My mouth became dry and I started to quiver;
I chugged my martini (oh, to hell with my liver!).
These Halloween devils had me quite mortified.
I thought: Where's the cops? And the FB of I?
Instead of green witches and blue Power Rangers,
I'm white as a ghost with real feelings of danger.

In a twinkling the bogeymen spread 'round my yard,
Tromping hostas and asters with cruel disregard.
Their leader came forward, stepping up to my door,
With a look on his face I'd describe as cocksure.
"Trick or treat, infidel," in my face this was spat.
My martini responded, "Hi, Osama. Kit Kat?"

He pushed past the wife and me, into the foyer,
Such an odious scumbag (even worse than most lawyers).
His mouth, how sadistic! His cheeks oh-so sallow!
His hands -- cracked and dry -- cried for lotion with aloe.
The beard on his chin was all pepper and salt.
And his lunatic eyes, well, those, oy gevalt!
A long slender face topped his bony physique.
He dressed like a soldier, not exactly trés sheik.
I guess I expected some flash, something gaudy,
Come on, after all, he's a millionaire Saudi.

A turban was perched on his head with aplomb,
And in his coat's pocket I could see a small bomb.
In his grip, a Kalishnikov, aimed at my belly,
A short burst of slugs and I'd be vermicelli.
This weapon he flaunted, just as if he were brave.
(Note: He smelled of bat guano; such is life in a cave.)

He spoke in a voice that was almost melodic,
The content, however, tended more toward psychotic.

"I am visiting homes on this Halloween night,
'Cause I'm scary and ghastly and normalcy's blight.
I want to disturb you and creep out this nation,
To recast my shadow and sow desperation.
I want you to cower, to shudder and quail.
Don't travel. Stay home. Oh, and boil all your mail.
Stop spending and watch your economy plunge deep;
Help speed the Great Satan to history's dung heap.
And thus shall I subjugate, sack and subdue.
The short version, infidel? Quite simply, it's 'BOO!'"

With the squint of an eye and the look of a skink,
Osama and henchmen scattered into night's ink.

"Now that cat," the Mate said, "was the blackest of blacks,
I mean, his bad luck just might give us anthrax."

Then we stood there, afraid, just as we'd been advised,
We trembled, we worried, stiff and immobilized.
The moment stretched long and the mood grew more heavy,
Till she said with resolve, "Let's go buy us a Chevy."

Bob Woodiwiss writes satire and humor columns for the Cincinatti Citybeat.

Card Carrying Capitalist

Dear Mr. Woodwiff,

If you're like most people, you have dreams. Big dreams. Maybe you'd like to drive a car luxurious enough to compensate for your lack of a viable personality. Or enjoy an indulgent getaway to a far-flung land with an unconscionably low age of sexual consent. Perhaps you dream of going underground for a few years in order to stalk vile abortionists. Or could it be you've outgrown your taste for gaudy jewelry and are ready to make the leap to garish?

Well, whatever it is you're dreaming of -- unless you're dreaming of boring old financial security -- it can now be yours.* When you carry one of the three prestigious new MetaMetallic Visa Cards from ChaseCapital Bancorp.

What's "MetaMetallic"? A class of card that transcends the traditional credit card "metals." Cards that outshine the tarnished luster of Gold. That go beyond the tepid perks of Platinum. That even make the entitlements of Titanium seem humdrum.

To carry a ChaseCapital MetaMetallic Visa is to carry a credit card with the unprecedented power to gratuitously impress. Each time you remove it from your wallet or purse, you'll instantly demonstrate to retail clerks, hotel and restaurant employees, travel agents, almost any minimum wage worker or ambient stranger just how very privileged and successful you are. It's like buying respect with every purchase.

Our three distinctive MetaMetallic Visas -- each with its own exclusive benefits, staggering line of credit and subtly haughty cachet -- offer you the unique opportunity to select the card best suited to your advantaged lifestyle. Which card is right for you? Only you can decide.**

The Plutonium Visa: Experience the explosive purchasing power of the Plutonium Visa and you'll discover that the only thing it deters is a zero balance on your monthly statement. But this Visa isn't just every place you want to be -- it's every place you've never been allowed before. Because the Plutonium Visa provides holders with the highest national security clearance offered by the United States Government. So you'll have access to everything from the secret S&M grotto added to the White House by William Howard Taft to the NASA bunker in Houston where Elvis runs the shuttle missions. Low credit payments can be spread out over the half-life of the card or 78 million years, whichever comes first.

The Scrimshaw Visa: This elegant credit card is the first to be carved from 100 percent whale ivory (purchased on the black market from Japanese poachers) and is beautifully handcrafted by underemployed Inuits. The Scrimshaw Visa harkens back to a bygone era yet is loaded with contemporary benefits designed for today's "compassionate conservative." It entitles holders to three meetings per year with the Secretary of the Interior in order to obtain exemptions from restrictive pollution standards; serves as a handgun permit in all 50 states; and, for an introductory period of six months, bills women's purchases at a "glass ceiling" rate of 73 cents on the dollar.

The Holy Grail Visa: Here's a card that's truly Divine. Blessed and/or consecrated by your choice of the Pope or Billy Graham, you'll always "Go (shopping) with God." Backed by a Merchant Dispute Advocacy group that resolves merchant disputes quickly and in your favor by invoking the Irrefutable Law of God. Also features an exclusive Congregational Concierge Service that will make your arrangements for hard-to-get-into afterlife venues. As a cardholder, you'll also be eligible to attend monthly services where you can join others in an endeavor to "pray down" interest rates.

So what are you waiting for? As a North American with a permanent mailing address north of the Mexican border, you're already pre-selected, pre-preferred, pre-evaluated, pre-thought-well-of and pre-approved. Simply complete the enclosed application and return it in the pre-paid envelope. Soon you'll be flashing and flaunting your MetaMetallic Visa the world over. Fulfilling your dreams of a better life. Or, worst case, believing you are.

Sincerely, Moore Dettbilding Vice President, Perpetual Marketing

* Other dreams expressly excluded from offer of fulfillment include spiritual insight, love of family, living forever, a higher IQ and a Beatles reunion.

** Final credit approval and assignment of MetaMetallic card type determined solely by ChaseCapital Bancorp.


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