Bill Boyarsky

Trump’s mendacity is a threat to public safety — here's why

On Monday, July 15, the day after President Donald Trump threatened about 2,000 undocumented immigrants with arrest and deportation, his mendacity was exposed for all to see at the Los Angeles federal building downtown. What soon became clear was that the so-called arrests were just another con to frighten immigrants and their families.

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Here's what the 2020 election really hinges on

Last week, I visited the Venice Family Clinic in Los Angeles near a public housing project in a poor neighborhood. Two days later, I drove to a South Los Angeles area where pollution from the freeway—not to mention mold, rat droppings, dust and cockroaches—infest crowded apartments, causing asthma that sends children to the nearby St. John’s Well Child and Family Center.

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Bernie Sanders bets big on Medicare-for-All

The 2019-model Bernie Sanders has aged well, looking as spry as he did four years ago. His speeches are the same, too. But where they were once dismissed as too radical, they are now mainstream, clearly focusing on the ills of an America that has grown more inequitable since he last ran for president.

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Tronc: A Corporate Media Monstrosity

“Am suffering a strange, precise dyslexia. I keep misreading 'tronc' instead of 'Trump,'” tweeted Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times reporter Diana Marcum.

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Why Bernie's Health Care Plan Is Very Realistic and Achieveable

Hillary Clinton wants incremental improvement in Obamacare to fix its imperfect and increasingly costly collaboration between the federal government and insurance companies. Bernie Sanders wants Medicare for all—Berniecare—with Americans given full medical benefits financed by a moderate tax increase for most people and heavier taxes for the rich.

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Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan: Hiding Cruel Policies Behind the Smiley Faces

Let’s hope the news media catch on to Paul Ryan. Behind his reasonable appearance and intellectual pretensions are right-wing policy proposals that would intensify poverty and deprive countless women of the right to abortion.

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How the Epitome of Californians' Hopes and Dreams in the '50s Literally Crashed into the Sea

A new book about an old seaside amusement park, gone for a half a century, set me thinking about a favorite subject, the boom-and-bust quality of California, a place of constant invention and reinvention, of dreams shattered or attained.

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Peddling Nonsense Is Now at the Heart of What the Big Media Operations Are About

When I was a daily news reporter, politicians, campaign managers, public officials and others would occasionally ask me whether they could review their quotes or even read my story before publication.

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Super PACs Super-Size Campaign Corruption

Given time and enough money, the super PACs and other secretive political campaign funds are capable of causing corruptive influence that could reach from the presidency down to the lowest ranked members of the House.

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