Bill Quigley

Here are 6 very important data points that show the inextricable link between coronavirus and poverty in the US

In the United States, tens of millions of people are at a much greater risk of getting sick from the coronavirus than others.  The most vulnerable among us do not have the option to comply with suggestions to stay home from work or work remotely. Most low wage workers do not have any paid sick days and cannot do their work from home.  The over two million people in jails and prisons each night do not have these options nor do the half a million homeless people.

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The Blueprint for the Most Radical City on the Planet

In July 2017, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, 34, was sworn in as mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. He soon announced that the city was going to be the “most radical city on the planet.” This was no idle boast. One of the country’s most radical experiments in social and economic transformation is happening, of all places, in Jackson.

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Major Weaknesses of New Orleans Charter Schools Have Been Laid Bare

New Orleans is the nation’s largest and most complete experiment in charter schools.   After Hurricane Katrina, the State of Louisiana took control of public schools in New Orleans and launched a nearly complete transformation of a public school system into a system of charter schools.  Though there are spots of improvement in the New Orleans charter system, major problems remain. 

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11 Examples of Resistance to Government Raids

As Dr. King reminded us in his letter from a Birmingham jail, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

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12 Ideas Post-Election from Frontline Organizers

When you find yourself in a suddenly darkened room, what do you do? Some rush blindly to where they think the door might be. Others stand still, let their eyes adjust to the different environment, reorient themselves, then cautiously move forward. Some search out people who might be able to show the way. Post-election, many people are reassessing and searching for the best way forward. Here are some ideas on where we should be going and what we should be doing from experienced, thoughtful people who are organizing on the front lines.  

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18 Examples of Racism in the Criminal Justice System

Racism may well be the biggest crime in the criminal legal system. If present trends continue, 1 of every 4 African American males born this decade can expect to go to prison in his lifetime despite the fact that the Census Bureau reports that the U.S. is 13 percent black, 61 percent white and 17 percent Latino.

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Katrina Pain Index 2016 by the Numbers: Race and Class Gap Widening

Hurricane Katrina hit 11 years ago. Population of the city of New Orleans is down by over 95,000 people from 484,674 in 2000 to 389,617 in 2015. Almost all this loss of people is in the African-American community. Child poverty is up, double the national average. The gap between rich and poor in New Orleans is massive, the largest in the country. The economic gap between well-off whites and low-income African Americans is widening. Despite receiving $76 billion in assistance after Katrina, poor and working people in New Orleans, especially African Americans, got very little of that help.

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Police Gone Overboard: Militarized Cops Arrest 200 Non-Violent Protesters in Baton Rouge

Since the police killing of Alton Sterlingthousands of people in Baton Rouge have been peacefully protesting day and night all over the city. There has been no arson in Baton Rouge, no looting, no burning cars, no windows broken, and no people beaten. Police report that rocks and other material has been thrown at them but there is no video of such action nor have there been any arrests for such actions.

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America's #1 Incarceration State

In 2014, the US Department of Justice confirmed Louisiana remained number 1, among the 50 states, with 38,030 in prison, a rate of 816 per 100,000 over 100 points ahead of next highest state Oklahoma.   Because the US leads the world in incarcerating its people, this means Louisiana is number one in the world.   Compare Louisiana’s rate of 816 people per 100,000 with Russia’s 492, China with 119, France with 100, and Germany with 78.

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