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Maddow Makes Tom Ridge Sweat Over Iraq

Rachel Maddow may have stayed civil while interviewing Tom Ridge this week, but she certainly didn't hold back. In a three-part, 30 minute interview, Maddow challenged Ridge's role in several notable Bush Administration debacles, including Katrina and several contentious decisions related to the War on Terror.

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Stewart / Colbert Embarrass Glenn Beck on Health Care Debate and Loss of Advertisers

An amazing Daily Show / Colbert Report tag team last night on Beck and his health care debate dementia. Hold the Death Panels, boys! Here comes the cavalry.

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Conservatives Packing Heat at Town Hall Meetings

The town hall meeting / tea bagger story line is starting to get a little too twisted for my taste. This week, in two separate incidents, one in Tennessee and one in Arizona, armed civilians were reported to town hall meetings to speak their mind.

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Palinsanity - Obama Wants to Kill My Baby

Palin's most recent accusation, that a public health care plan would allow politicians and bureaucrats to chose who lives and who dies by deciding who gets coverage, is now a standard talking point by the conservative pundits, even though it is completely baseless. Dubbed "rationing" and "death panels", these claims are 100% fiction. Remember, a Public Option to health care would be just that, optional. This typical Republican fear mongering shows no respect for the public debate, and must be fought back against.

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Xinjiang Riots Explode in China

This clip from Current Tv has some shocking imagery from China's Xinjiang province.

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NYPD Assaults Critical Mass Cyclist

A Critical Mass bicyclist is attacked by police in Time's Square on July 25th 2008.

Critical Mass is a monthly demonstration meant to raise awareness of bicycle traffic, and has been around for almost 17 years.

What Happened to Scott McClellen?

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellen hit the talk show circuit with a vengeance this week, stumping for his newest book What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception.

I've aggregated some of the more notable clips and quotes in this post. Enjoy.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (right)
"I don't think you'll be dining out on this book for the rest of your life, but I think this is a primary document of American history. I'm very impressed, and I think at some point people will be teaching American history classes on it." -Keith Olbermann

The Daily Show (below)
"I appreciate what you're trying to do, and I think candor is the only way to get past this" -John Stewart

Colbert Report gets the inside scoop on Michigan and Florida delegates

Watch as Devine, a Democratic stalwart hailing all the way back to the Dukakis era, explains how the party will handle the delegates from Michigan and Florida while crowning Barack Obama.

Matt Taibbi on the Daily Show

If you've ever been curious about the subtleties of vomiting demons, watch this interview.

Hillary Treading Water With One Week Left

From the ever-swelling ranks of citizen pundits made possible by Youtube, I'd like to introduce Joe Felice, a talented and distinct voice who has built an internet following from the depths of his living room.

If you like this video, you can watch more videos by Joe here.

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