Asha Parker

Most Americans Actually Hate Donald Trump

Donald Trump might currently be the GOP frontrunner—but that doesn’t speak much to his overall favorability among Americans.

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Which 2016 Presidential Campaign Has the Largest Gender Wage Disparities Among Staff? (VIDEO)

A recent investigation by Jezebel looked at which of the current presidential campaigns have large gender wage disparities.

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There Is Now a Dating Site for Singles Feeling the Bern - and It's so Popular It Won't Stop Crashing

What does Bernie Sanders have in common with dating websites? Millennials love them both. And now there’s a dating site just for Bernie Sanders supporters who are looking to find love… but with someone politically like-minded.
The website got so many visitors following its launch that it crashed, and hasn’t stopped crashing since. If you’re feeling lucky, head on over to site and give love a try… if you can get on it, that is.