April De Costa

'Just Say Yo!' - When TV Shows Get Drugs Hilariously Wrong

This article was originally published by The Influence, a news site that covers the full spectrum of human relationships with drugs. Follow The Influence on Facebook or Twitter.

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Why Peggy Olson Is the Biggest Badass on Mad Men

What is Mad Men really about? The series opens (“Smoke Gets in your Eyes”) with handsome, duplicitous, womanizing, alcoholic Donald Draper (or Dick Whitman) alone in a bar, observing patrons through smoke, seated exactly like the opaque window-jumper from the series credits.

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9 Unbelievably Weird and Sadistic Weight-Loss Schemes

In January, a company called Obalon announced the launch of its new wonder weight-loss product, a pill turned gastric balloon, in the UK. The 10-minute procedure requires the patient to consume a capsule the size of a horse pill containing the balloon, which inflates upon reaching the stomach. Once the balloon expands, patients are supposed to feel sated, and will supposedly eat less. The patient can follow up with a second balloon the next month, and a third balloon after that. It’s a party in your stomach!

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6 Most Wildly Offensive Halloween Costumes

Halloween presents people with the opportunity to be sartorially creative. Usually, people use this as a chance to be scary, illustrate puns, or dress as sexy (insert inanimate object here), but for some obtuse jagoffs, Halloween is a day to be outwardly racist, sexist, or culturally insensitive, because hey “get a sense of humor.”

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10 Great Movies Hollywood Wants to Bastardize Into Crappy Sequels

Beware purists: almost every movie you loved in your formative years is being bastardized by that greedy, unimaginative succubus named Hollywood.

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