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Robin Williams’ Widow Opens Up About His Suicide: 'It Was Not Depression That Killed Robin'

In her first interview since her husband’s suicide last August, Susan Schneider Williams opened up to “Good Morning America,” saying it was not depression that killed Robin Williams, but the serious brain illness he was suffering with.

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Tom Cruise’s Nightmare Scientology Wedding: Leah Remini Opens Up About Her 'Reprogramming'

In a revealing interview with “20/20,” “King of Queens” star Leah Remini opened up about her break with Scientology in 2013, explaining that part of her decision to leave the organization grew out of her discomfort with the attention it lavished on its star member Tom Cruise, who she felt was embrarassing the church with his frequent public antics.

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SNL's Sasheer Zamata Mocks Clueless White-Dude Privilege in Painfully Hilarious Video

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Sasheer Zamata is the ACLU’s newest celebrity ambassador, and as part of the gig, she made a very funny (but also very important) video about white privilege, which features her and a white male friend walking around New York, as he waxes poetic about how far the country has come, and she gets stopped-and-frisked, cat-called, and bombarded with images of white male hegemony.

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Did Trevor Noah Steal Dave Chappelle’s Joke? Noah’s Bit on the 'Racism Connoisseur' Is Too Close for Comfort

A new piece in The Hollywood Reporter points out remarkable similarities between a joke that Trevor Noah told at L.A.’s Politicon this Saturday and a bit that Dave Chappelle did on HBO in 1998.

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Michael Moore’s 'Where to Invade Next' Is a Love Letter to the Things Europe Does Better Than U.S.

When it was announced that Michael Moore was releasing his first documentary in six years this fall, titled Where To Invade Next, there was much speculation as to what the film was about. Moore, who is usually not shy about publicity, refused to talk about the film while he was shooting it, and has revealed only: “It’s not what you think it is.”

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8 Hilarious Bits from 'Boyish Girl' Comic Tig Notaro

While Tig Notaro exploded onto the scene with her instantly iconic “cancer set” at Los Angeles’ Largo theater in 2012 — which she famously began by saying “Hello, I have cancer,” before speaking openly about her illness and her mother’s recent death — there’s a lot more to the comedian than one (admittedly legendary) performance.

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7 Killer Comedy Specials You Can Watch Right Now

While we’re all excited for Amy Schumer’s upcoming HBO stand-up special, you don’t have to wait until October to see great stand-up comedy from the comfort of your laptop. As we approach summer’s end, here are seven great recent stand-up specials to tide you over through these last lazy summer days.

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'I'm Dry-Trumping': Stephen Colbert Talks Politics, Dropping the Character and His Election-Year Excitement

On Monday, Colbert spoke at the Television Critics Association about his plans for his “Late Show,” which premieres on CBS on September 8. According to accounts of the panel from Variety and Deadline, he is just excited as we are.

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If You Like These 8 Sitcoms, You Will Love 'Difficult People'

“Difficult People,” the new Hulu comedy from Amy Poehler’s Paper Kite productions, stars Billy Eichner (“Billy on The Street,” “Parks & Rec”) and longtime comedy scribe Julie Klausner (“Best Week Ever,” “Mulaney”) as pricklier, less-successful versions of themselves: Two curmudgeonly pop culture-obsessed BFFs trying to make it in the acting and comedy world.

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The 12 Most Age-Inappropriate Romantic Pairings in Woody Allen’s Career

In recent years, Woody Allen has been known for his tendency to cast young actresses as love interests for much older men. While his pairings were mostly age appropriate until the early ‘90s (with the obvious exception of “Manhattan”), the creepiness factor has shot upward in recent years, from Larry David romancing Evan Rachel Wood in 2009’s “Whatever Works” to Emma Stone’s recent pairings with Colin Firth and Joaquin Phoenix (although Allen’s latest film, “Irrational Man,” which stars 26-year-old Stone opposite 40-year-old Joaquin Phoenix, is actually pretty tame compared to some of his other outings). Here’s a look at the most egregious romantic pairings from throughout Allen’s career.

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