Anita Chabria

Cash-Only Marijuana Dispensaries Flood California Tax Office With Piles of Money

The Sacramento branch of the California tax collection agency reeks of marijuana.

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Why Marijuana Growers Want Champagne-Like Labels for Their Weed

For Kristin Nevedal, Super Silver Haze is not always the same Super Silver Haze. Like the concept of “terroir” in foods, she and many growers believe the characteristics of cannabis plants vary depending on their local environment.     

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Interest in Home Schooling Surges as California Parents Look to Sidestep Vaccine Law

With the passage of a new law this summer mandating vaccines for schoolkids in California, home school advocates and organizations say they are seeing surging interest in off-campus education options that would exempt them from the requirement.

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Black Woman Activist Faces Charges of 'Lynching' for Protest Activities

Maile Hampton, the African American activist who was arrested for “lynching” after trying to pull a fellow protester away from police during a January rally against law enforcement brutality in Sacramento, has a large black butterfly tattooed across her neck.

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