Much-Hyped Success Academy Charter School Network Is Perfectly in Sync With Trumpian Times

This week both The New Yorker and The Atlantic, among several other publications, ran prominent stories on Success Academy, the controversial New York City charter-school network.

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The Best Way To Prevent Future Trumps: Teach Kids That Voting Matters

On a recent night, Brad Lander, a New York City councilman from Brooklyn, and founder of the City Council’s progressive caucus, stood before 50-or-so young people and talked about the push to close Rikers Island, the city’s dysfunctional jail; the challenges of persuading the state legislature to vote for bail reform, and how cash bail disproportionately impacts the poor; and a recent victory in helping to pass legislation that provides a lawyer for anyone facing eviction in housing court.

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In Harlem, a Demographic Divide: The Neediest Kids Go to Public Schools, Not Charters

Last month I published an OpEd in The New York Times, “Charter School Refugees,” which asked: “Is there a point at which fostering charter schools undermines traditional public schools and the children they serve?”

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Why Do We Ignore the Emotional Lives of Children?

At a summer workshop several years ago, the participants were asked to write in a few words what, as educators, they were passionate about. Without hesitation I grabbed a blue marker and wrote “the emotional life of children” on my sketch paper. I ultimately left the workshop with a visual map expressing my values and journey as a school leader. I have thought about that activity often and recently took the visual map off my office wall as I prepared for retirement after 19 years as the leader of a small Title I middle school.  

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Is Louisiana Getting Ready to Test Toddlers?

Louisiana, which has become the national laboratory for bringing business-minded accountability to education—an effort that has come to full flower in New Orleans where charter schools educate close to 90 percent of its students—is turning its accountability lens onto publicly funded preschools and the education of its youngest children.

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