Amanda Bent

How We Can Actually Do Something Useful About the Opiate Overdose Epidemic

On August 31, 2016 advocates around the world commemorated International Overdose Awareness Day. We do so each year, first and foremost, to honor the memories of those tragically lost to overdose, but also to build solidarity around preventing future tragedies.

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Colorado Kids Aren't Using More Marijuana, But They're Bearing the Brunt of Enforcement

Last week was exciting for folks (nerds?) like me who are interested in the public health implications of marijuana policy reform, especially those of us in Colorado.

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Know Before You Toke: How Not to End Up in the ER on Your Excellent Pot Tourism Adventure

After relocating to Denver last month, I soon noticed a flurry of articles in local and national media suggesting that marijuana is increasingly driving Colorado visitors to hospitals. Other than feeling vaguely relieved to no longer count myself among the vacationers here, I wasn’t sure what to make of this information. I decided to take a firsthand look at the study on marijuana tourism and emergency department (ED) visits that inspired the coverage.

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The Unforgettable Day I Witnessed Naloxone Save Amy's Life

I still vividly remember the first time I saw naloxone in action. The day began like an average one at the drop-in center—with the buzz of conversation, ringing phones and chaotic sounds of an old action movie on the television. Suddenly there was a panicked cry over the din: “My friend’s on the ground,” someone shouted from the restroom, “I don’t think she’s breathing.”

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