Allyn Rosenberger

This Website Helps to Ensure That Knowledge About Growing Food Is Openly Accessible to Anyone on the Planet

Pennsylvania State University’s PlantVillage provides nearly one million worldwide users with free information about plants, plant disease, and plant growth. Co-Founder David Hughes started the website to ensure that all knowledge that helps people grow food is openly accessible to anyone on the planet. The database currently has more than 150 crops.

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Kid-Centric Farm-to-Lunchbox Delivery Service to Launch in NYC

School food reform and meal delivery services are two ways that activists and businesses are trying to improve people’s food choices. Meghan Carreau and Alexandra Payne decided to merge the two approaches when they pitched TuckrBox, a farm-to-lunchbox meal delivery service, to the App Idea Awards. In May 2016, they won the $70,000 grand prize to develop TuckrBox and have been working all summer to prepare for a fall 2016 launch.

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One Man's Mission to Teach Harlem Kids About Urban Farming, Nutrition and Sustainability

Food Tank recently had the opportunity to speak with Tony Hillery, the founder of Harlem Grown, about his organization’s commitment to inspiring youth to live healthy, ambitious lives. In addition to providing mentorship and role models to impoverished youth, Harlem Grown provides hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. When we spoke with Tony Hillery, he talked about the inception of Harlem Grown, its impact so far, and its plans for future expansion.

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