Alice Rothchild

Donald Trump's Authoritarian Presidency Is Emboldening the Israeli Far Right

The Trump administration recently gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a tepid slap on the wrist regarding the burst of new illegal settlement building on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, saying it “may not be helpful” in achieving peace. The ascendancy of Trump and his ideologically right-wing team is emboldening the Israeli extreme right as well as our own homegrown white nationalists. Trump’s chaotic distrust toward Muslims entering the U.S. and his promise to move the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem feed this frenzy of racism and demonization. This all lends support to an us-versus-them version of the world where toughness and military might supercede diplomacy. The Israeli right couldn’t be happier.

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What Happened When I Was Grilled by Israeli Media About the Sanction Movement Against Israel

When I received an email from Jewish Voice for Peace asking if I would be interested in an interview with a major TV news program, “Ulpan Shishi,” I was intrigued.

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Jewish-Only Communities, Imprisoned Palestinians: What an African-American Delegation Witnessed in the Holy Land

The recent war between Hamas and Israel was fought not only in the bloodied cities and refugee camps of a huge civilian population and in vulnerable cities and towns of Israel, but also on newsfeeds and social media. In the papers, the websites and twitter feeds, reports and analysis of the Gaza war rarely revealed any context and no reports of the deadly siege and frequent incursions that have crippled Gaza for years. Reporters and politicians often spoke with a level of racism and disregard for Palestinian civilians that should be disconcerting to anyone who values human life and the right of people to resist oppression.

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