Alexander Nazaryan

Is Scott Pruitt the Most Dangerous Member of Trump's Cabinet?

For someone whose entire political career has been built on an animosity to Washington, D.C., Scott Pruitt certainly appears to have enjoyed the past 12 months of federal employ. He has been to Morocco, where he shilled American natural gas. There was also a trip to a golf resort in Naples, Florida, for a meeting of…

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10 Wild Takeaways from the Scandalous New Trump Tell-All

10 New Takeaways From Michael Wolff's White House Book

The complex relationship between Donald J. Trump and the conservative media outlets—including Breitbart News and Fox News—that minted him as a candidate and sold him as an acceptable alternative to establishment Republicans is detailed in a third excerpt from journalist Michael Wolff’s forthcoming book, Fire and Fury. Wolff gained unprecedented access to the West Wing to…

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Is Fox News Ditching Roy Moore?

On Friday night, Sean Hannity opened his prime time Fox News program by playing an audio recording of his interview, conducted on his radio show the day before, with former Alabama chief justice Roy S. Moore, now running for a Senate seat from that state. Hannity then turned to a panel of three pundits, asking them…

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Is the Trump Administration the Most Corrupt in American History?

He’d promised to build the wall. To make America great again. To lock her up. Now, in the last weeks of his campaign for president, Donald J. Trump needed one more stirring slogan. And since he was badly trailing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, it would have to be a marketing marvel worthy of Mad Men’s Don…

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The Overwhelming Dishonesty of Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe wants you to think that he’s a journalist. That the undercover videos shot for his Project Veritas are all that keep rampant liberalism from running roughshod over the republic. Freedom has manifold enemies, from National Public Radio to Planned Parenthood, and the only way to hold them in check is to secretly record members of these flagrantly liberal organizations, then edit the videos in such a way as to make it seem that those organizations sell baby organs, celebrate prostitution and send conservatives unwanted subscriptions to The Nation.

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Rush Limbaugh Uncorks a Wild New Conspiracy Theory About Hurricane Irma

Limbaugh Suggests Hurricane Irma is a Liberal Hoax

Hurricane Irma is gathering strength over the Atlantic Ocean as it heads towards the Caribbean. Already rated Category 5, it is expected to make landfall in Florida by the end of the week, with many worried about a repeat of the havoc caused in Texas and Louisiana by Hurricane Harvey. None of that seems to worry…

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The Plummet of Trump’s Ridiculous ‘Alpha Males’

The macho men came into Washington, D.C., like the Rough Riders of lore, ready to tear down this town-upon-a-swamp, then set it ablaze with the fury of their nationalist convictions. Eight months later, they’re slinking away with a collective whine, reminding Americans once again of the vast gap between rhetoric and action, between tough words and…

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Why Trump Fans' Ignorance About His Russia Scandal Won't Save the President

“No one talks of it.â€� That is how Max Frankel, a reporter for The New York Times, described the feeling of “Middle Americansâ€� in Dayton about the “remote controversyâ€� called Watergate. Frankel published his Ohio dispatch on September 15, 1972, as President Richard M. Nixon was campaigning for reelection against Sen. George S. McGovern. Nixon won,…

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Breitbart News' Dramatic Tailspin May Be Irreversible

Close Earlier this year, reporter Lee Stranahan was in the White House press room when another journalist asked him which outlet he worked for. “Breitbart News,” Stranahan answered, recalling the exchange in a recent phone conversation. The other journalist laughed, thinking this had to be a joke. Breitbart, after all, was largely known, whether justly or…

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Sean Hannity Is Starting a Media War with Rachel Maddow

Sean Hannity will not be silenced. That was the defiant message the right-wing commentator delivered on his Fox News show on Tuesday night, after a long weekend that, some thought, might extend into a permanent vacation.

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