Alex Formuzis

Thanks to Scott Pruitt, 30 Million Pounds of Brain-Damaging Pesticide Will Be Sprayed on Crops in Next 5 Years

One year ago today, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt sided with the pesticide lobby over EPA scientists in an eleventh-hour decision to abort the agency's proposal to ban chlorpyrifos from use on food crops. Chlorpyrifos is an insecticide that can harm children's brains and nervous systems at small doses.

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EPA Hires Right-Wing Media Firm Linked to Oil Industry, Anti-Muslim Group

For its annual report, the Environmental Protection Agency has hired a right-wing digital media firm that has worked for the oil and gas industry and an anti-Muslim group.

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EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Is Living Large - on American Taxpayers' Dime

In his first year as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt has spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on first-class seats, military and charter jets, a private phone booth and other luxuries.

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Top Coal Lobbyist and Climate Skeptic Poised to Become No. 2 at EPA

A leading lobbyist for the coal and oil industries, who is a staunch climate change skeptic, is a step away from being second in command at the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Widely Used Hormone-Disrupting Pesticide Putting Millions at Risk, Including Infants and Children

The European Union recently banned two agricultural weed killers linked to infertility, reproductive problems and fetal development—the first-ever EU ban on endocrine-disrupting pesticides. That’s good news for Europeans. But as in Europe, many endocrine-disrupting weed killers remain widely used on American crops, and from farm fields make their way into drinking water and food.

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