Alex Demyanenko

Saving Private Enterprise: Director Jacob Kornbluth on His New Robert Reich Film

Jacob Kornbluth had never had a job — not even an internship — by the time he graduated from college. When he applied to scoop ice cream at Double Rainbow, he was turned down. But he was used to feeling marginalized. Growing up in Manhattan and then in rural Michigan, he didn’t have many friends and got beat up a lot. Both parents, wealthy in intellect but poor in assets, passed away by the time he was 18. All his grandparents too. With a life so rich in adversity, and unable to secure gainful employment, Kornbluth did what any young intellectual would do. He became a writer.

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Rosario Dawson, Common, Amy Poehler, Zach Galifianakis: Celebrities as Investigative Reporters on America's Inequality

EPIX’s new documentary series America Divided bravely tackles our myriad problems that stem from systemic inequality. It is both ironic and fitting that one of the most moving moments centers on pioneering television creator Norman Lear (All in the FamilySanford and Son, Maude) as he comes to a sobering realization 45 years after his issues-based shows broke new ground on the small screen. In this series’ second episode, Lear, wearing a hidden camera, exposes a landlord’s blatant racism towards potential black tenants as he examines housing discrimination in New York City. “I spent my career creating characters whose lives would shine a light on our divided society,” the 94-year-old executive producer says. “The point was to move beyond the divisions. But being part of this experiment shows me that racism still stains our country.”

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Divided but Fighting Back: An Interview With Inequality Documentary Filmmakers

Depending on whom you ask, Solly Granatstein and Rick Rowley have spent their careers either causing trouble or exposing truths. As investigative journalist-filmmakers they have been on the front lines of digging up facts and battling the status quo, all to expose injustice. They’ve been pretty damn good at it too. Granatstein worked for 60 Minutes for 12 years and has won seven Emmys, a Peabody and a host of other awards. Rowley’s Dirty Wars, a film that earned him a 2014 Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature, shed light on U.S. covert ops all over the world. Now teamed with Lucien Read, this trio of “cineactivists” has delivered America Divided, a new documentary series airing on EPIX. And they’ve enlisted a few famous friends.

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A Tale of Two Heroes: A Muhammad Ali Tribute

Growing up, my older brother and I would shadow box. Muhammad Ali was our childhood hero, so we both acted as if we were him as we jabbed and shuffled our way through our imaginary bouts.

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