Alanna Wittet

Meet 20 Food Leaders Under 40

At Food Tank, we are constantly amazed by the variety of ideas, initiatives, businesses, and research put forth by talented individuals making waves in the food and agriculture sectors. They come from varying backgrounds, regions, and perspectives, and represent a wide range of ages.

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Hundreds Join Sanctuary Restaurants Movement to Create Safe and Inclusive Spaces

Numerous restaurants across the country have joined a Sanctuary Restaurants Movement to offer safe and tolerant spaces to restaurant workers, employers, and consumers that face hate and harassment in the restaurant industry.

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10 Celebrities Advocating for a More Sustainable Food System

Star status can bring the opportunity for celebrities to wear many hats and draw attention to environmental and health issues. Whether they are producing or performing music for fair trade campaigns, designing ethically sourced products, or growing food for the hungry, these 10 stars are using their fame and dollars to advocate for a more sustainable food future for all.

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One Man's Journey From Industrial Factory Farmer to Sustainable, Regenerative Farmer (Video)

In the film, One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts, filmmaker Peter Byck takes viewers to Bluffton, Georgia to hear from Will Harris of White Oak Pastures about his journey from industrial to re-generational farmer. This is the second film in Byck’s Carbon Nation: Soil Carbon Cowboy series; it continues to highlight farmers and ranchers who are pioneering regenerative grazing practices and soil health.

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