Alana de Hinojosa

Fortress America: How Walling Ourselves Off Can Kill

It seems ironic that 23 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 21 years after the dismantling of South Africa’s white-enclave apartheid fences, walls have become a political staple for a growing number of nation-states. Walls have popped up just about everywhere, erected along national borders, within national boundaries, encircling both democratic and authoritarian states. South Africa is now home to an increasing number of gated communities, even since the end of apartheid rule. It seems like the world is humming the old adage “Good fences make good neighbors.”

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Must-See Clip: What Rep. Steve King Has In Mind When He Hears 'Latino Outreach'

Ready to gun down anything that resembles immigration reform and undocumented immigrants, the three hateful amigos are at it again!'s video, "A Republican Idea of Latino and Immigration Reform" stars the craziest, anti-immigrant Republican House members Louie Gohmert, Ted Poe and all-star Steve King.

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Undocumented Youth Attempt to Re-enter U.S., Detained at Border

The city of Nogales, Arizona saw a groundbreaking and historic border crossing Monday as eight undocumented activists who had either been recently deported or had voluntarily left the U.S. entered into the U.S. from Mexico. Formally known as the Dream 8, they crossed the border dressed in graduation gowns and caps. Thousands of supporters cheered “Bring them home!” from both sides of the barbed wire border fence.

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8 Signs the Zimmerman Verdict May Have Big Ramifications

George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin left many Americans shaken. Perhaps it was the sheer clarity of the verdict, which sent the message that in this country, a person can racially profile, stalk and kill a kid — and walk away free. The verdict inspired tens of thousands of people to get on the streets nationwide. Government officials, civil rights leaders, athletes, celebrities and even President Obama have spoken out.

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Fake Border-Crossing Amusement Park Mocks Immigrant Experience

During a time when immigration is one of the most contested political issues and when migrants are dying in increasingly high numbers along the war-zone-like border (which is currently planned to reach a state of security overkill in 2014), it is rather shocking that in the Mexican state of Hidalgo there is an amusement park with a simulated U.S.-Mexico border crossing. The attraction, which is complete with fake border patrol officers, sirens, chases, smugglers, dogs and an 8-mile hike to the finish line, claims to offer participants “the events of a typical border crossing as realistically as possible.”

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No Winners When It Comes to Border Security

While many progressives are resigned to border security as a tradeoff for “comprehensive” immigration reform, a new study published earlier this month by the University of Arizona’s Binational Migration Institute revealed the stark reality of such a compromise: during times of increased border security migrant deaths along the border have soared. In the south-central Arizona area alone, deaths peaked at 225 in 2010, and were only slightly lower in 2011 and 2012.

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Why Sen. Kaine’s Español Is More Than Just A Spanish Speech

During Tuesday’s debate on the Senate’s immigration bill, Virginia’s Democratic Senator Tim Kaine took to the podium and launched into a nearly 14-minute floor speech entirely in Spanish, making him the first senator ever to do so. 

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Activist for Undocumented Students Punks Audience with Fake Apology for Discriminatory College Applications

Daniel Vargas, the communications director of Common Application, a widely used college application for more than 400 American colleges and universities, made a remarkable speech on Monday at this year’s National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in American Higher Education. In accordance with the conference’s goal of addressing the resurgence of racist incidents in higher education, Vargas announced to the 2,000-plus audience that he and the Common Application “apologize to the undocumented American community for years of discrimination.”

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I Was Almost a Victim of the Student-to-Prison-Pipeline

The school-to-prison-pipeline is an epidemic that is plaguing the nation, making a visit to the principal’s office or a lonesome time-out outside of your classroom a thing of the past. What we have here is a war not only on students, but a war on kids, where essentially nonviolent behavior (like the two students who were arrested for pouring milk on each other during a break-up) is being criminalized in a remarkably horrific pattern. What’s worse is that schools are not only allowing this criminalization, but they are actually assisting it.

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