Alan Levinovitz

America Has a National Religion, and It Ain't Christianity, Says Leading Theologian

In his new book, The Market As God, theologian Harvey Cox argues that contemporary society has deified the economy. What was once the market is now The Market, an “omniscient” power that settles basic questions of meaning and value, and whose votaries—economists, bankers, traders—pursue arcane debates from a place of privilege once occupied by priests and theologians.

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Is Monsanto Satan? The Pleasure and Problem of Conspiracy Theory

In this contribution to It’s Your Fault, a Religion Dispatches series on blame in contemporary society, Alan Levinovitz explores the widespread animus toward Monsanto—and how that animus shapes the work of writers who, like him, cover food culture and policy.

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Blame Sugar? We’ve Been Doing That for Over 100 Years

After a successful soda tax was passed last year in Berkeley, California, copycat laws are being proposed across the US, often with the support of nutritionists, medical professionals and a majority of the voting public. On May 28, the Illinois chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed an act that would use a tax on sugary drinks.

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