Watch: Washington Post publishes damning video timeline of vicious crackdown on protesters before Trump’s photo-op

The Washington Post just published this short film based on video footage, audio of police communications and other records in what is undoubtedly “the most complete account to date of the June 1 crackdown on protesters in Washington D.C.”

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Filmmaker compares reopening the country to reopening Jurassic Park in brilliant essay: 'Life finds a way' — unless you're eaten by a velociraptor

This essay by engineer, filmmaker and writer Carlos Greaves titled “Sure, the Velociraptors are still on the loose, but that’s no reason not to reopen Jurassic Park” is simply brilliant. It is a wickedly funny and insightful take on the trump administration’s callous obsession to “open up the country”, without preparations and driven by greed and political objectives, never mind the death and destruction it will wreak on the population they are sworn to serve and protect. The comparison with the Jurassic Park story and its greedy owners and investors is remarkably appropriate.

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman slams Starbucks CEO: 'Who says there are any Schultz voters?'

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman truly hates conservatives posing as centrists or even as serious economists and the clueless beltway reporters that prop them up. And he does not mince his words when exposing the fraud called Paul Ryan or the various so-called economists on the right that sing the praises of tax-cuts and show grave concern for budget deficits except when they don’t.

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