Adam Parfrey

The Daily Caller’s 'Exclusive' Hit Piece on Bill Clinton Is a Hoax

The Daily Caller’s hit piece on Bill Clinton, which attempted to link the former president to a Holocaust denier, was posted right before New Year's Eve. So it can be seen as either the worst example of irresponsible journalism from 2014 (a title it would easily win), or the worst example of irresponsible journalism from 2015 (granted, the year has just begun, but the Daily Caller piece is that bad).

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Documents Show Hollywood Right-Wingers Like Gary Sinise Were Acting Shady About Their Political Donations

Before Republican Senator Ted Cruz flew to Los Angeles to speak to Hollywood’s secretive right-wing organization, Friends of Abe (FOA), Cruz suggested to the Hollywood Reporter that IRS’s reluctance to immediately ordain FOA as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-free charity was a left-wing government conspiracy. (IRS exemption requirements for 501(c)(3) charities can be found here.)

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