'We do not want to disappear': Indigenous peoples go to court to save the Amazon from oil company greed

On February 27, hundreds of Indigenous Waorani elders, youth and leaders arrived in the city of Puyo, Ecuador. They left their homes deep in the Amazon rainforest to peacefully march through the streets, hold banners, sing songs and, most importantly, submit documents to the provincial Judicial Council to launch a lawsuit seeking to stop the government from auctioning off their ancestral lands in the Pastaza region to oil companies. An eastern jungle province whose eponymous river is one of the more than 1,000 tributaries that feed the mighty Amazon, Pastaza encompasses some of the world’s most biodiverse regions.

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New York Brings New Fraud Case Against Exxon for Lying About Climate Change  - And Ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Is Directly Implicated

After a three-year probe and amid mounting demands that the fossil fuel industry be held accountable for driving the climate crisis, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood on Wednesday filed suit against ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil and gas company, for defrauding investors by downplaying the financial threat of regulations crafted to mitigate human-caused global warming.

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The World's Largest Publicly Traded Oil Company Continues to Fund Climate Deniers

A decade after pledging to end its support for climate science deniers, ExxonMobil gave $1.5 million last year to 11 think tanks and lobby groups that reject established climate science and openly oppose the oil and gas giant’s professed climate policy preferences, according to the company’s annual charitable giving report released this week.

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ExxonMobil's Support for a Carbon Tax Is a Total Sham

ExxonMobil executives just had another opportunity to convince skeptics that their support for a carbon tax is genuine.

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WATCH: #LessOilMoreWater, Amazon Communities Are Banding Together to Demand Clean Water

As Alexander Zaitchik reported earlier this week, Big Oil has been polluting the usually lush Amazon forests for decades. Oil companies, Zaitchik writes, "spilled billions of barrels of crude and related pollutants in the rivers and forests of the Upper Amazon." It's particularly dire in Ecuador and Peru, where "traditionally abundant groundwater sources—rivers, streams, and lagoons—are contaminated beyond use." 

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On World Water Day, New Campaign Kicks Off to Bring Clean Water to the Oil-Contaminated Upper Amazon

A quarter-century after the United Nations designated March 22 World Water Day, its observance is more urgent than ever. Around two billion people consume unsafe water every day; close to a million die each year from related contamination and disease. Another 700 million—most of them women—travel hours by foot to the nearest water source. Global freshwater demand, meanwhile, is expected to spike a third by 2050, as climate change and pollution put further strains on supply.

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Trump Administration Is Now Auctioning Off Public Land in Utah for Oil and Gas

The Interior Department on Tuesday is auctioning off 32 parcels of public lands in southeastern Utah for oil and gas development.

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New York City Launches Landmark Lawsuit Against Fossil Fuel Industry for Climate Change Damages

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a game-changing lawsuit against five major oil companies in an attempt to recover the cost of damages from climate change and make infrastructure improvements to cope with its effects. In addition, as part of his recent offensive to tackle climate change, de Blasio announced plans for the city’s pension funds to divest from fossil fuel companies over the next five years, a massive victory for the global divestment movement.

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Trump's Offshore Oil Drilling Plans Ignore the Lessons of BP Deepwater Horizon

The Trump Administration is proposing to ease regulations that were adopted to make offshore oil and gas drilling operations safer after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. This event was the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Eleven workers died in the explosion and sinking of the oil rig, and more than 4 million barrels of oil were released into the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists have estimated that the spill caused more than $17 billion in damages to natural resources.

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Why Fried Foods Are Bad for You - and Some Healthier Alternatives

Deep frying is a common cooking method used across the globe. It’s often used by restaurants and fast food chains as a quick and inexpensive way to prepare foods.

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