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Mueller's report confirms that Hannity, Assange, Fox News and WikiLeaks pushed a bogus conspiracy about former DNC staffer Seth Rich. Will they be held accountable?

Fox News and WikiLeaks are staying mum after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report confirmed that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich did not steal his own party’s emails, despite both outlets having pushed the fabricated story.

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Nearly 2.6 million viewers watched Sanders town hall on Fox New as more Democratic candidates say they'll speak with the network

Early Nielsen data reveals that Sen. Bernie Sanders' appearance on Fox News earns the prize for the most-viewed town hall of the 2020 presidential race.

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Former Fox News contributor, alleged plagiarist and registered foreign agent will be new Treasury spokesperson

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin will hire longtime far right conservative Monica Crowley, a former Fox News contributor who in 2017 registered as a foreign agent to lobby for a Ukrainian oligarch, to become his next top spokesperson.

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Bernie Sanders' performance on Fox News busts the myth of the divisive left

Bernie Sanders shocked the mainstream establishment this week by appearing on a Fox News Town Hall. Even more surprisingly, he was triumphant on a station most known for its fervent support for Trump and extreme Conservatism. In the citadel of right wing media he effectively and convincingly promoted progressive policies such as medicare for all. Even if only for a night, he showed that a left wing agenda that promised to address people's real economic and social problems could unify the country in a common radical purpose.

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'There is something there': Fox News legal analyst warns that Mueller's report 'undoubtedly' has evidence of conspiracy

Fox News' Andrew Napolitano made a surprising and compelling argument Wednesday that likely came as a shock to regular viewers of the network: Despite President Donald Trump's claims of exoneration, there's "undoubtedly" evidence of a conspiracy between his campaign and Rusia during the 2016 election, the legal analyst said.

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Fox News reporter who was blocked from publishing a Stormy Daniels story demands to be released from her hush agreement

On Friday, Jane Mayer reported that Diana Falzone, the Fox News journalist who reportedly tried to break the news of President Donald Trump's hush payments to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential election, is seeking to be released from a nondisclosure agreement she has with the network that prevents her from discussing the incident:

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Here are the 5 craziest revelations from the New Yorker's bombshell exposé of Fox News' influence on Trump

On Monday, The New Yorker published Jane Mayer's stunning exposé into how Fox News, always a right-wing network, has morphed into an overt propaganda instrument of President Donald Trump's White House, and how the symbiotic relationship between the president and Fox's billionaire international news mogul owner Rupert Murdoch has effectively created something that has never before existed in American politics.

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Former Fox News contributor Keith Ablow accused of sexually abusing three women he treated for depression

On Thursday, The Boston Globe reported that Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and right-wing political commentator, is facing three malpractice lawsuits for allegedly luring female patients into abusive sexual relationships. All of the women, whom Ablow persuaded to move to Massachusetts from other states while treating them for depression, reported horror stories.

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Here are 4 political wild cards on Fox News who have actually stood up to GOP propaganda

One of the most Orwellian mottos in the history of cable news is undoubtedly “fair and balanced,” which was Fox News’ motto until 2017 (when it was replaced with “most watched, most trusted”). Clearly slanted to the far right, Fox News was never known for its fairness or its balance. A more honest motto for Fox News would be “all conservative all the time.” But in one sense, Fox News has been as unfair to conservatives as it has been to liberals and progressives: it tends to dictate how they should think.

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‘Go f*** yourself, you tiny brain’: Historian reveals the humiliating interview Fox News' Tucker Carlson didn't want you to see

When Tucker Carlson interviewed Dutch historian Rutger Bregman recently for his program on Fox News, the far-right media personality did not appreciate Bregman expressing different economic views. And a leaked video of their conversation shows just how bad Tucker’s meltdown was.

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