Zach Stafford

Chicago Police Took 'Hunting' Photograph With Black Man As Prey

An Illinois judge has released a long-concealed picture that shows two Chicago police officers posing over an unidentified black man in antlers while holding rifles as if he had been hunted.

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Victims of Chicago Police Savagery Hope Reparations Fund Is 'Beacon' for World

For the black men who lived through torture orchestrated by Chicago police commander Jon Burge, and for the lawyer and journalist who pursued him, the city’s establishment of a reparations fund has transformed an impossible dream into a model for a country currently reckoning with racialized police brutality.

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Millennials Have No Roadmap to Adulthood

Life is often referred to as a highway, to borrow from Tom Cochrane, and for my generation that hasn’t changed.

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Why the Hell Can't You Donate Blood in America If You've Had Sex with Another Man?

If you are straight and haven’t used condoms with multiple partners: Donate blood! If you had sex with a sex worker of the opposite sex: Donate blood! If you had sex over a year ago with a partner of the opposite sex who is HIV-positive: Donate your blood!

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Black, Gay and Shot Dead In His Own Car: The Other Missouri Killing We Should Talk About

Can you hate part of yourself so much that you want to kill people like you? And is that a hate crime?

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I'm Black - My Brother Is a White Cop Who Shot a Black Man on Duty

My white brother loved black people more than I did when we were growing up. As a black interracial child of the south – one who lived in a homogenous white town – I struggled with my own blackness. I struggled even more with loving that blackness. But my brother, Mitch, didn’t. He loved me unapologetically. He loved me loudly.

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