Yael Chanoff

Introducing the New Federal Program That Will Further Privatize Public Housing

Olufemi Lewis was a child in Charlotte, NC, when HOPE VI came through town. HOPE VI was a federal initiative that issued grants to tear down physically distressed public housing. The buildings that were eventually rebuilt were in better shape, but most of their original residents were gone, including many of Lewis’ friends and relatives. Across the country, only 33 percent of the housing demolished with HOPE VI was replaced. 

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Transgender Student May Face Criminal Charges After Fighting Off Bullies

When 10th grader Jewlyes Gutierrez, a transgender student, stood up to three bullies at her high school in November, all four students were suspended.

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Domino’s Fires 24 NYC Pizza Workers for Demanding Fair Wages [UPDATED]

UPDATE: On Thursday, the workers will be reinstated per an agreement between the Domino's store and New York's Attorney General. 

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