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Why Indian Women Napping in Public Parks is a Powerful Act of Feminist Protest

It was a mild Saturday afternoon last December in Chennai, India’s Semmozhi Park. The park was full: couples strolling hand in hand, families having picnics, solitary people reading newspapers on park benches. Overhead, clouds passed in the sky, and below, the grass was dappled with winter sunshine.

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The #MosqueMeToo Controversy Sheds Light on Sexualized Violence and Xenophobia

In a Washington Post opinion piece published Thursday, Egyptian-American writer and feminist Mona Eltahawy wrote about being sexually assaulted during the hajj—the Muslim pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca—and her efforts to bring other Muslim women’s experiences to light by starting #MosqueMeToo on Twitter.

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Why Are Asian American Women Still Inaccurately Portrayed on TV?

“Hollywood always wants a white co-lead,” said Nancy Yuen, associate professor at Biola University and one of the principal authors of a new study about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in prime time and streaming television. “We need Asian American women to not be seen as tokens or missing from a white man’s story.”

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How One American Journalist Took Down Militiamen Who Raped 50 Young Girls

Twelve Congolese militiamen who raped nearly 50 young girls were convicted Wednesday in a historic and precedent-setting trial in Democratic Republic of Congo. One was a Member of Parliament who masterminded this mass crime.

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Startling Fact: Women in Prison Are More Likely Than Men to Have Been Abused and More

Since 1985, the number of women in prison has been increasing at nearly double the rate of men. A growing number of advocates and scholars—including formerly incarcerated women—are taking a closer look at the reasons, and what can be done to stem the tide. What’s more, women of color are significantly overrepresented. In 2010, African American women were incarcerated at nearly three times the rate as white women, and Latina women were incarcerated at 1.6 times the rate.

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A Personal Glimpse into Our Woefully Inadequate Mental Health System

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Living in the Path of Drones

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Women Lose Big in Racial Wealth Gap

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14-Year-Old Blogger on Why Girls Should Embrace Feminism

Tavi Gevinson started high school this fall. She also runs a fashion blog, StyleRookie, that gets a million and a half hits a month. I ask her what it’s like, as a semi-professional fashion critic, to walk the halls observing her schoolmates and their various fashion senses. Tavi says she knows girls in sweatpants aren’t trying to make a statement. “I think it would be sort of ridiculous if I was like, ‘Well, this person is really nice, but their t-shirt really puts me off.’”

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Rape Evidence Often Goes Untested For a Decade or More

When I picked up the September issue of Marie Claire, my expectations began and ended at the cover– a Mary-Kate Olson profile, some insights from Tim Gunn, an expose on online dating and, to my slight irritation, “Diet Secrets: What Women Really Eat.” Imagine my surprise, then, when I flipped to page 166 and saw the faces of 28 women staring back at me, each with a caption: “Still waiting after 17 years,” “Waited 9 months,” “Case closed without testing,” “Rape kit destroyed.”

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