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Veteran Pot Activist Sees Ibogaine as Plant Ally in Addiction Fight

The founder of High Times, Tom Forcade, had committed suicide and people were trying to bring heroin into the magazine. Then Reagan won the Presidency, and chances of legalizing pot went up in smoke. In December, 1980 a psychedelic pioneer and a Yippie joined forces to respond to the dark side of drug use in the marijuana movement. That researcher, in his own right, had reached back to African plant medicine to seek a cure for addiction.

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Why Is This Powerful Addiction-Fighting Substance Banned in the U.S.?

State legislators, medical marijuana patients, doctors and adult cannabis consumers have been stymied in many ways by the federal listing of cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance. However, cannabis is not unique in that regard.

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The Surprising Way to Get Teens to Quit Smoking Pot

Have you heard the one about the state that legalized marijuana for adults and discovered that teens stopped using pot? Turns out it’s not a joke, according to the latest federal statistics on drug use.

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