VL Baker

Matt Taibbi: Hillary Clinton Must Think We're Ignorant About How Awful the Big Banks Are

Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone writes that Hillary is "counting on America's ignorance about the 2008 crash".

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McKibben to Hillary Clinton: 5 Reasons Why Environmentalists Distrust You - and How to Fix That

Bill McKibben writes at Grist that it's time Hillary Clinton got serious about climate change. He tells her why she's not getting support from environmentalists and what she could do about it.

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Are We Starting to Run Out of Fresh Water?

Peak water is here and unlike peak oil, there is no substitution for water. But like peak oil the low-hanging fruit of our fresh water supply has been picked and what is left requires costly environmental and financial impacts to extract. Peak water is about reaching physical, economic, and environmental limits on meeting human demands for water and the subsequent decline of water availability and use. There is a vast amount of water on the planet but sustainably managed water is becoming scarce.

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