Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer Resigns After Shouting the N-Word on Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?'

The video is mightier than the sword. Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer, who made an outrageous spectacle of himself on a segment of Showtime’s “Who Is America,” bearing his buttocks and shouting the “n” word copious times, among other things, has given his resignation. July 31 is his last day. Originally Spencer said that he would finish out the remaining five months of his term, but apparently the pressure to resign has been too intense. Not surprisingly, Spencer depicts himself as an innocent victim. CNN:

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Giuliani Says He Told Trump Not to Pardon Michael Cohen

Cogency has never been one of Rudy Guiliani’s strong suits. Remember his disastrous Fox interview with Sean Hannity where he admitted that Trump paid the $130,000 to Stormy Daniels?

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Evidence Mounts That Russia Covertly Swayed Brexit Just Like the U.S. Election

There were so many extraordinary occurrences that took place with respect to the Brexit referendum in Great Britain and the United States presidential election, that taken as a whole, simply cannot be coincidences. First and foremost both events ultimately were determined in a manner which was advantageous to Vladimir Putin. Second, both Brexit and the U.S. election featured Cambridge Analytica and its founders Robert and Rebekah Mercer as key players. Cambridge Analytica harvested over 50 million Facebook files and interfaced with members of the Trump campaign and Russian bots that showed up in crucial rust belt states masquerading as politically aware next door neighbors. Now yet another piece in the puzzle of Russian dominion over the two elections is fitting into place. UK financier Aaron Banks financed Brexit with the largest donation in British history after he just happened to have been offered a “sweetheart” deal on Russian gold and diamond mining projects which were only offered to a “restricted number of investors.” New York Magazine:

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Watch Dog Group Says Trump's Payment to Porn Star Violates Campaign Finance Laws

A nonprofit watchdog group has filed federal complaints alleging that the confidentiality settlement paid to porn star Stormy Daniels in the final days before the 2016 election is a campaign expense that should have been reported to the Federal Election Commission. Common Cause says that the $130,000 hush money paid to Daniels by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen through a shell company in Delaware should have been reported because it was money paid out directly related to the outcome of the election and therefore a legitimate campaign expense. Washington Post:

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The World Is Reeling From 'F**king Moron' and Israeli Paper Nails It In One Fell Swoop

The world was beginning to recuperate a bit from last month’s New York Times article about Trump calling Jeff Sessions an idiot and Sessions telling Trump to take the job and shove it (until cooler heads prevailed) until just the past 24 hours when videos of Trump tossing paper towels at disaster victims hit the airwaves, followed by NBC breaking the story of Rex Tillerson’s opinion of his titular boss, stated last summer, i.e., “You’re a f**king moron.”

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