Tom Bawden

New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo Will Be Under Water If All Fossil Fuel Is Burned

London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong are some of the cities that would be submerged under the sea if the world burns all of its accessible fossil fuel reserves, a new report has warned.

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Fracking Linked to Heart Conditions and Neurological Illness

People who live in fracking zones appear to suffer a higher rate of heart conditions and neurological illnesses, according to new research.

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Pope Francis Pulls No Punches in Leaked Climate Change Encyclical

Pope Francis warned that the world is heading for “unprecedented destruction” unless mankind confronts climate change and reforms the way it treats the planet, as the most eagerly anticipated papal document in living memory was leaked.

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Pester Power: Kids Guilt-Tripping Adults Is the New Weapon in Global Warming Fight

Climate-change campaigners have a new weapon in the fight against global warming: pester power.

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