Todd Beeton

What Could Possibly Be More Important Than Healthcare?

Earlier this morning, Anna Burger, the Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU, spoke to the convention and I wanted to highlight her comments about The Employee Free Choice Act in particular. There is a fairly effective ad campaign on the air right now that is framing the The Employee Free Choice Act as "anti-worker privacy" and uses a Sopranos character to fear-monger about what passing The Employee Free Choice Act would mean for workers. So where's the pro-Employee Free Choice Act ad campaign? Hmm, good question. They simply haven't found the right message yet but there is an acknowledgment that there needs to be one and fast. It is a complex issue, one that's not easily broken down into a one line concept or sound byte and it's hard to explain to people why they should care. Anna Burger today made as good a case as I've ever heard for why we should all care about its passage.

What would the Employee Free Choice Act accomplish?


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