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Donald Trump's right-wing social media app has 'fallen on its face'

Former President Donald Trump appears to have already lost interest in his newly-released social media app, according to a report from Axios.

This article was authored by Tim Evans.

Since he was banned from mainstream social platforms for spreading misinformation, Trump desperately has tried to establish a new digital presence on his own. It hasn't gone well. For instance, 45office.com flamed out shortly after its launch and doesn't appear to have been updated in nine months.

Last month he announced the launch of the social messaging app Truth Social, but, as Axios is reporting, the launch has been anything but flawless. Former California Republican congressman and Trump sycophant Devin Nunes is CEO of the new venture.

The launch on Feb. 21 was plagued with errors. While the number of downloads from Apple's App Store was huge, so was the number of people who were shunted into a "waitlist" to be accepted as a user. Scores of people also encountered system errors when they tried to enter their birthdates to register and received the following message: "Something went wrong. Please try again."

"The former president is Truth Social's founder and chairman, so he obviously bears some responsibility for putting together the team that's so far fallen on its face," Axios noted.

Here's the most ironic aspect to Trump's latest social media foray, which he labeled a "stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech:" He doesn't actually use the app himself. He hasn't posted one single time since its launch, Axios reported. Instead, pretty much all of his public utterances have come through appearances on Fox News and other conservative media outlets.

The SPAC that put up the money to develop and launch Truth Social predicted that 88 million of Trump's former Twitter followers would migrate to the new platform. As of today, his dormant account has fewer than 80,000 followers. One of them is self-proclaimed white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who was awarded a "verified" account by the site.

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