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Michigan GOP co-chair said Trump campaign asked for GOP elector push: CNN

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Republican Party Co-Chairwoman Meshawn Maddock said former President Donald Trump's campaign had encouraged the effort to challenge the 2020 results by a group of 16 Republican electors, according to an audio recording obtained by CNN. The national outlet reported that Maddock, who was one of the 16 GOP electors who submitted a false document saying the battleground state had voted for Trump, made the comments at a Stand Up Michigan event. "We fought to seat the electors," Maddock said, according to the recording. "The Trump campaign asked us to do that." News of the ...

GOP groups in Michigan sue to overturn late-ballot ruling

DETROIT — Three GOP-led groups are making urgent appeals in state court to gain the legal standing needed to appeal and overturn a recent ruling requiring clerks to count late ballots and making changes to the rules governing ballot collection. The Michigan Supreme Court on Friday issued an order that expedites consideration of the requests to intervene and ordered a ruling in at least one of the cases by Wednesday. The potential challenges from the GOP-led Legislature, the Republican National Convention and the Michigan Republican Party stemmed from a Sept. 18 ruling by state Court of Claims Ju...

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