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The Real Reason Your Partner Might Lose Interest in Sex ... And What To Do About It

A couple of weeks ago, someone tweeted at me to ask for advice on getting their partner "to be more into sex." It turned out that said partner was dealing with depression and had lost all sexual interest. I tried to explain to this man that he really couldn’t do much to make his partner want sex at the moment, that it sounded like the depression was causing the loss of libido. So, I told him that treating the depression would be the best route to treating the libido issue. I got the distinct impression this answer was not satisfactory and was left with a tweet about how a romantic bath would be set up. I felt a knot form in my stomach. I could tell he didn’t quite understand what I was saying - and I wasn’t going to get through to him in less than 140 characters. 

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Why Not Obsessing Over Orgasms Can Lead to Better Sex

Anyone who has ever been in a supermarket checkout line has seen them, the magazine headlines:

12 Tips for Better Orgasms!

10 Steps to a Bigger Orgasms!!

7 Tricks for Louder Orgasms!!!

Bigger Better Louder Orgasms if You Do These 29 Easy Things!!!!

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