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An Unprecedented Grassroots Effort Could Put a Stop to Fraudulent Debt Collections

Federal agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau might make headlines, but they don’t always make progress. Sometimes solving problems is up to the people themselves.

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A Hospital Crisis Is Killing Rural Communities - Trump's Rx Won't Help

GLENWOOD, Ga. If you want to watch a rural community die, kill its hospital.

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6 Big Lessons Learned from Our First Taste of the Trump Presidency

After six months of the Donald Trump presidency, we know what to expect going forward. We’ve learned six lessons.

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How the Home Flipping Industry Is Pushing Poor People Out of Their Homes

The United States has entered a new phase of residential foreclosure. The basic narrative is shocking: House-flippers are being allowed to push troubled homeowners out of their houses. As a neighbor of mine said, succinctly, “It’s cheaper for them.” 

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Are We Witnessing Remaking of Religion in America?

If you’ve never heard of the Blaine or Johnson amendments, you might want to check them out. Before they’re gone.

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