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The Grades Are In: Best And Worst States For Marijuana Patients

In a comprehensive, 187-page report on the status of access for medical marijuana patients in the US, seven states received a grade of B+, the highest score given this year.

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Marijuana 101: A Simple Guide to Marijuana Tasting

Marijuana has been made legal in a growing number of states for recreational use. This means the days of buying weed in the shadows is on borrowed time. With the newfound freedom of legal cannabis, the industry has managed to cultivate a wide variety of interesting strains. Some are designed to help the user stay focused throughout the day, while others do everything from calm anxiety to keep the user dry when its raining outside. Okay, maybe the concept of ganja galoshes is a bit of a stretch. But you get the picture.

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Sanctuary Cities: Why They Are Important For Medical Cannabis Communities

Berkeley, one of California’s most progressively pro-cannabis cities, did it first. Now the entire state may follow suit. Alaska and Massachusetts may also join in on the movement.

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$57 Billion! That’s How Ginormous Cannabis Biz Will Be In 2027

Global spending on legal cannabis will skyrocket to $57 billion by 2027, according to a report released this week by Arcview Market Research, in partnership with BDS Analytics. That’s a lot of marijuana.

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Science Proves Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug, And Never Was

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, America’s leading drug warrior, took another shot at his herbal enemy: Cannabis.

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Mixing These Drugs With Marijuana Can Be Dangerous

Medical students do not get an education in the endocannabinoid system, which is a shame. Most doctors have a firm understanding about pharmaceuticals and other traditional Western medicinal therapies. You might get lucky and have a personal physician who has a basic knowledge about holistic medicine, herbal therapies and other integrative health techniques. Sadly, this lack of information puts patients at risk and encourages some to self-diagnose and self-medicate. If you are consuming cannabis — for medicinal, recreational, spiritual, wellness or any other purpose — it is vitally important to share this information with your doctor. While cannabis is a safe drug, you need to be careful when you mix these drugs with marijuana.

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Study: Does Marijuana Dabbing Cause Cancer?

Marijuana dabbing, the increasingly popular method of inhaling high-potency concentrated cannabis, may be hazardous to your health, according to a new study.

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Marijuana Edibles Provide Better Pain And Anxiety Relief Than Smoking

For a growing number of cannabis consumers, eating the herb is better than smoking it. That is the conclusion of a qualitative report examining customer preferences.

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Labor Day Weekend Is Top Holiday for Marijuana Sales

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer as Americans (and Canadians) celebrate the labor movement with picnics, barbecues and one last pool party … and marijuana.

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5 Tips For Talking To Your Doctor About Marijuana

Are you one of nearly 200 million Americans living in one of the 29 states (plus the District of Columbia) that have a medical marijuana program? As more states climb aboard the cannabis treatment train, more Americans are starting to have the conversation with their doctors about marijuana and whether it is right for them.

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