Taylor Hill

What Trump Could Mean for America’s Public Lands

When it comes to the American West, Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” still rings mostly true. The federal government (and by proxy, U.S. citizens) owns 47 percent of America’s 11 contiguous Western states.

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Germany Wants to Ban Fossil-Fuel-Powered Cars

Germany, home of global automotive giants Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, is on the road to banning gas and diesel engines from its highways and byways.

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Border Fences Aimed at Stopping Immigrants Are Killing Wildlife

The rapid construction of border fences across Europe is aimed at stemming the influx of refugees, affecting millions of lives. But those fences are leading to a crisis for an unintended target—wildlife.

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For the First Time, the Government Says a Pesticide Harms Bees

The United States Environmental Protection Agency announced recently that the widely used agricultural pesticide imidacloprid threatens honeybees that help pollinate a third of the world’s food supply.

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The Plastic Catastrophe in the Ocean Is Even Worse Than We Thought

Somewhere between 15 trillion and 51 trillions pieces of plastic litters the world’s oceans, a new study has found. That’s three to 10 times more plastic than scientists had previously estimated.

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Oregon Wolves Lose Endangered Species Protections

According to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, 81 wolves are enough.

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A German Hunter Killed One of Africa's Biggest Elephants

A German trophy hunter reportedly shot and killed one of the largest elephants recorded in nearly 30 years, and now a Zimbabwean conservation group wants to make him infamous, like the killer of Cecil the lion.

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Attention, Candidates: Even a Majority of Republicans Now Believe Climate Change Is Real

About 70 percent of Americans believe there is solid evidence that human-caused climate change is real, while only 16 percent believe otherwise.

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There’s a One-in-Four Chance the Fish You Just Ordered Contains Plastic

Want a side of plastic with your fresh-caught salmon?

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