Tara Lohan

Why America's Deadly Love Affair with Bottled Water Has to Stop

This spring, as California withered in its fourth year of drought and mandatory water restrictions were enacted for the first time in the state’s history, a news story broke revealing that Nestlé Waters North America was tapping springs in the San Bernardino National Forest in southern California using a permit that expired 27 years ago.

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The Big Reason Why America Is Turning to Renewable Energy

Deborah Lawrence had been watching a once-empty parking lot near Midland-Odessa, Texas, fill up with idled drilling rigs usually at work plumbing for oil in the nearby Permian Basin. In January she noticed 10 rigs, then 17 a few weeks later. As winter turned to spring, the number climbed to 35.

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How Solar Can Help Power Nepal’s Relief and Recovery Efforts

Many of Sandeep Giri’s coworkers still feel the ground beneath them shaking. They are scared to step inside their homes. And those are the lucky ones who still have homes.

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Is Solving Climate Change as Simple as Sucking Carbon Out of the Air?

It sounds almost too obvious. But we may be able to stave off some of the major effects of catastrophic climate change simply by sucking out of the air the vast amounts of carbon dioxide we’ve been spewing for decades. It’s not a new idea, but it’s one that has never been economical. Until now, perhaps.

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5 Most Toxic Energy Companies That Are Controlling Our Politics

Editor's note: This article was first published in November 2011. 

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Meet the Woman Who Has Taken Her Fight Against Fracking to the Ballot Box

A block from Rebecca Claassen’s home is a sliver of paradise. Mountains stoop nearly to the water’s edge. Lanky palm trees pitch gently in the breeze. Herons stand statue-still in the dunes. Rebecca has stolen a few moments with her daughter here at Carpinteria State Beach, 12 miles south of Santa Barbara.

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Meet One of the Most Interesting Candidates on the November Ballot

A black 1957 convertible Jaguar cruises up the California coast on Highway 1, hugging the sea. Ocean lathers the rocks. The car heads north between Big Sur and Carmel with the top down and the radio on. The handsome driver, wind in his hair, is Clint Eastwood.

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5 Shocking Places Where Fracking Is Taking Off

By now, many people have heard about the booming Bakken Shale in North Dakota where there is a mad rush for oil, enabled by the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a practice that pumps millions of gallons of water, chemicals and sand underground to break rock and release hydrocarbons.

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Why Fracking Is the Cause of a Growing Number of Road Fatalities

Lighting your tap water on fire might be the most highly publicized effect of living near fracking operations, but methane migration that causes such explosive problems is sadly just one small issue. Last summer I visited fracking-impacted communities across the country, including California, Colorado, Wyoming, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. One of the most pervasive problems people shared was the dangers posed by increased truck traffic—just getting to the grocery store, for some, was becoming a terrifying experience.

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