Tamara Pearson

The self-centered rich country response to pandemics and crises is wrecking poor countries

Mexico—I’m squatting on a round piece of concrete, and a 72-year-old man is sitting in the gutter, his walking stick beside him. He tells me that after being deported from the United States, he has been hiking the streets of Mexico City trying to find somewhere to stay. But all the refuges are closed due to the pandemic, including the one we’re sitting outside of, where I volunteer. He has run out of insulin for his diabetes and says he can’t walk anymore.

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The Coca-Cola Invasion Is Causing Mexico's Slow Death by Junk Food

A new Coca-Cola-run shop opens roughly every eight hours in Mexico. But despite this full-scale corporate takeover of Mexico's cities, towns and diet, most people believe the severe obesity and diabetes problems here are down to local culture and individual choices. They would be wrong.

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When the U.S. Pretends It’s the Center of the Universe

There’s a troublingly pervasive idea that the U.S. is the center of the universe, though it isn’t always expressed as explicitly — or even euphemistically — as that. Instead it’s simply assumed, proffered as truth without a single backward glance or knowing nod to its own megalomania.

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Guns, Beer, and Cigarettes Are Easier to Get Than the Pill

Want more on contemporary culture and gender roles? Visit Role Reboot.

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