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We Don't Calculate the True Cost of Our Inhumane, Illogical, Chemical-Based Food System

The true cost of food has been an issue that has affected me since the beginning of my farming life. Ever since I started farming back in the 1970s, I produced milk, wheat and carrots as sustainably as I could manage, but found it difficult to compete with my neighbors who were using chemical production methods, heavily subsidized through the Common Agricultural Policy.

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How to Make Farmers Markets Accessible to the Poor

Amidst the spinach, eggs, cheese and kimchi on offer on a recent Saturday morning at the Bardstown Road Farmers’ Market in Louisville, Kentucky, Laina Brown was doing a brisk trade in wooden tokens. The tokens are a substitute for cash and market patrons can buy them with a regular debit or credit card, or with the card that links to a SNAP account (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program), better known in the U.S. as food stamps.

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